Welcome to Conscious Heart Integration 

If Conscious Heart Integration is a good fit, it could dramatically improve your life.

In over 30 years in the personal growth field and 19 years working in mental health, I’ve developed an approach my clients describe as powerful and transformative. Conscious Heart Integration is not for everyone. People who do best with this approach oftentimes have experience with other forms of psychotherapy or personal growth and describe Conscious Heart Integration as being different, refreshing, and effective.

Conscious Heart Integration is a good fit when you are ready to do your ‘work.’ Specifically, if you are willing to explore difficult feelings and/or unresolved situations in your life, in the spirit, of course, of bringing them resolution and allowing these experiences to add to your wisdom, growth, and ability. Even if you are not clear about why you may have strong negative feelings or where you most need to grow and develop, a willingness to face all parts of yourself is ideal when using this approach.

What I offer in return for such courage and trust is skillful, gentle, yet straightforward, clear guidance on how to best relate to any part of you, how to bring resolution to whatever this part may be feeling and/or confused about, and how to integrate it in a way in which it becomes, oftentimes surprisingly, an invaluable resource.

Using Conscious Heart Integration to integrate various parts of one’s personality helps create more harmony, flow, and space for one’s Truest Self to come through. My clients find themselves feeling more calm and centered, while more clearly being able to make decisions and take actions towards creating their dreams.

In addition to working with people individually, I’ve had great success using Conscious Heart Integration with couples and families.

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