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Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, and Transpersonal Parts Work in Action: Parts-Work Demonstrations with Uri Talmor

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Asked for by my supervisees, many of whom are fellow Naropa transpersonal alum, these demonstrations are exceptional learning opportunities (which we experienced every week in our Gestalt courses). I’ve practiced IFS for over 20 years, so these are significantly IFS-influenced, but after years of teaching Gestalt at Naropa, I realize how core Gestalt was to my learning IFS as quickly as I did. Further integrating IFS with many other models over the years, this parts-work (which I now call Conscious Heart Integration) evolved to become more creative, integrative, and supportive of transpersonal experiences. Teaching at Naropa is the highlight of my week, and I’m excited to create these opportunities for more of you to experience this work.  

This webinar will consist of a live demonstration followed by questions and answers. I will conduct a parts-work demonstration using Internal Family Systems (IFS), Gestalt, and/or Transpersonal Parts Work techniques, depending on the material brought by the demo client.

These webinars will be virtual, recorded, and available later to participants. I will also record a commentary version where I talk through what I did during the demo (while pausing as needed); the commentary version will be made available 1-3 weeks after the live demo. Eventually, all of these recordings will be made available at The Healed Healer Institute for its members.

Logistics: This webinar runs every 4 weeks on Mondays at 8:30 am MST/MDT for 2 hours. The cost for each webinar is $50. There is no minimum number of webinars participants must sign up for, and they must sign up for each webinar separately as they occur every 4 weeks.

Continuing education certificates will be given upon request.

Webinar participants should have at least some familiarity with IFS, Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, ACT, Focusing, or some other parts work model and/or be a graduate of a transpersonal counseling program. Therapists, coaches, and other healers who use parts work are welcomed in this group.

Demonstration Webinar: Internal Family Systems, Gestalt and Transpersonal Parts Work in Action #3

Demonstration Webinar: Internal Family Systems, Gestalt and Transpersonal Parts Work in Action #4

Demonstration Webinar: Internal Family Systems, Gestalt and Transpersonal Parts Work in Action #5

Coming Soon: Archived recordings with facilitator commentary on past demos.

Lectures and courses on how to learn this way of working (a.k.a. Conscious Heart Integration [CHI]) will be available relatively soon at The Healed Healer Institute.

Why learn parts work from this guy?

Uri first trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) in 2003 when his internship supervisor at the Boulder Vet Center, Stew Brown, told Uri that if he could go back in time and learn one model at the beginning of his career, it would be IFS. Uri deeply respected Stew and excitedly took a 3-day intro with Richard Schwartz.

Stew couldn’t have been more right. Uri immediately started implementing IFS, building on the Gestalt psychotherapy foundation he received in his Transpersonal Counseling Psychology graduate training at Naropa University.

He spent the rest of his internship geeking out with Stew on their work with veterans until they both did the level 1 IFS training the following year with Richard Schwartz, Barb Cargill, and Toni Herbine-Blank, the last all-year level 1 training Richard Schwartz taught. Several members of his Naropa cohort also attended this training. After this training, the cohort met regularly and practiced, practiced, practiced. (Thank you, Karen, Judy, Sally, and Kendra.)

From 2004 through 2007 he brought IFS to youth-based treatment centers in Longmont and Greeley, inspiring Alternative Homes for Youth to train their therapists in IFS.

From 2005 to 2007, Stew asked him to help train his new interns, leading to more opportunities to watch Richard Schwartz work when he visited the Vet Center as well as help film him working with one of the veterans.

Then, in 2007, upon hearing Uri was moving to St. Louis, Missouri, Richard Schwartz asked Uri to work at Castlewood Treatment Center, an eating disorder program Dick part owned which specialized in IFS. Lori Galpern, one of the owners, complimented him by stating his IFS skills, “rival my own.” The same year, Uri gave his first IFS conference presentation (he presented a second time in 2019).

Uri followed that by working at McCallum Place Treatment Center, and when he planned to move to Austin, Texas Kim McCallum asked him to help train the staff at a new treatment center she was helping open in Austin, Texas with the brilliant Edward Tyson, Tammy Corrales, and Amanda Mellowsprings called Cedar Springs Austin. There, he trained the staff in IFS and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and while it lasted (it has since shut down), they created something special. Uri’s experiences working with eating disorders lead to the course Mending Our Mystics which is currently in production at The Healed Healer Institute.

In 2011, he returned to Colorado and worked as a family therapist with any other brilliant clinicians at the Eating Recovery Center in Denver, where he added the parts model ACT to his repertoire.

As much as Uri loves his clinical work, his first love is teaching, and in 2013 he had the privilege to return to his alma mater and teach Transpersonal Psychology with one of his favorite professors, Carla Clements. They created a new course curriculum which eventually culminated in coauthoring a chapter on “A Transpersonal Structure of the Psyche”, which is a foundational piece in Uri’s Conscious Heart Integration (CHI) model (more on this also coming soon at The Healed Healer Institute). 

Two years later, because of his IFS background, he was asked by Deb Bowman to teach the Gestalt psychotherapy course. This was an incredibly fruitful full-circle, as he had forgotten how instrumental Gestalt psychotherapy was in supporting him in practicing IFS so quickly, but more importantly, to understand deeper nuances of making relational contact, the present moment awareness continuum, understanding developmental needs, and the art of creating experiments as needed; some of which IFS seemed to gain from cross-pollinating with Hakomi, but not to the depth Uri continued developing from teaching gestalt since 2015 while spending years in supervision with, first Duey Freeman and then Deb Bowman, two of the master therapists who brought Gestalt to Naropa in the early 90’s.

Now, while in his 12th time of teaching Gestalt at Naropa University, where he performs live demos with every student (who’s willing, and most are), he’s brought Naropa University’s famous experimental pedagogy into his training and workshops. He is thrilled at the opportunity to share all he has learned with you. 


“Uri is one of the most caring, compassionate, and skilled individuals that I have encountered in this field.  I had the pleasure of working alongside him for a brief but invaluable stint of time about twelve years ago and as his colleague, I learned so much.  He brought a wealth of wisdom to our team.  Since that time, Uri has remained a dear friend and cherished colleague.  I have referred numerous clients to him and have only heard raving reviews from each of those grateful individuals.  The IFS model (which Uri introduced me to) has been a wonderful addition to my own practice and I will forever be grateful for Uri’s generosity in sharing so much of himself with me.”

-Tammy Corrales

“Uri is one of the best therapists I know, he is also a phenomenal teacher and his training is extremely helpful and informative. He is kind, patient, and clear, and gets where you’re at and what you need to improve your skills. I highly recommend Uri!”

Maya Golan

“As a professional with 25 years of experiencing training therapists and seeing clients, I am aware that therapists as skilled, ethical, and compassionate as Uri Talmor are exceptionally rare. Uri has invested tremendously in his training and growth as a therapist–much more than is typical for therapists. He is highly trained in the most cutting edge therapeutic approaches. He is talented in his work with individuals, couples, and families as well as clients of all ages and with a wide variety of life challenges.  Uri is a kind, understanding, nonjudgmental, and committed person who gives his all to his clients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-Shelley Haddock

“Uri has an exceptionally deep understanding of transpersonal psychology and the innate gifted ability to work with clients at the level of the personality and the level of spirit. His clarity of communication and his light hearted humor coupled with sincere empathy creates a warm and engaging atmosphere of discovery, healing and shifting of consciousness. Without a doubt Uri is one of the finest therapists, teachers, and theorists I’ve encountered or had the pleasure to be on a team with.”

-Delene Cole

“Uri’s class is without question the highlight of my week and my time at Naropa and I find such deep inspiration from his teachings and presence. The level at which Uri and I (and I know so many other students) connect and draw inspiration towards our future careers as well as countless professional training resources and counsel, is on another level.”

-Former Naropa Counseling Graduate Student

“I remember my initial impression of him was that he embodied compassion as well as being knowledgeable and very human. Having Uri as my gestalt teacher this year has only furthered my initial impressions of him. I find him to be the most balanced Naropa faculty member I have had thus far, in that he is both flexible and organized, compassionate and knowledgeable, and most importantly, incredibly caring and passionate about his work as a counselor and teacher. I admire these qualities about him and getting to have class with him each week inspires me to become more balanced myself and to continue to grow into the type of person and counselor I want to be in the world. Uri’s class is my favorite class I have had at Naropa thus far.“

-Former Naropa Counseling Graduate Student

“He is a MASTERFUL therapist. Watching him work with my classmates and experiencing his tenderness in my demo was like feeling a warm breeze as you watch a ribbon gently flow in the wind. It’s beautiful, it’s empathetic, it’s unconditional positive regard, it’s healing, it’s transformational, it’s transpersonal, it’s trauma-informed, it’s a multi-dimensional education-style, it’s first-hand experience with felt-sense shifts. It’s life-changing. I could go on and on about how incredible he is to watch and how inspiring he is but you know this already. Furthermore, you know the value of observing high-quality therapist demos. Uri is that! We are learning from the best Gestalt teacher and that is exactly why I signed up for his course.“

-Former Naropa Counseling Graduate Student

“Uri Talmor’s expertise is absolutely incredible, unparalleled. My class started off this year-long course with him, and I would greatly appreciate finishing up this course with him. Gestalt has been an especially intimate and deep dive for us all, and I feel that it would be a disruption, both emotionally and educationally, to have a new professor start in the middle of the year with such an intense class. Uri is a master in this field, and has been an integral part of Naropa. I am so hopeful that the University can make an exception on behalf of our education.“

-Former Naropa Counseling Graduate Student

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